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You love people, you are eloquent and you like traveling? Then become part of our team. Our mission? To create an unforgettable memory with every journey. A solid eduction prepares yourself for the diverse tasks. 

Tour guide

We offer tour guides for study and recreational trips, as well as for city tours and transfers.

An expert team of experienced guides, tour managers and creative minds will support you with the entire travel planning.


24h availability, extensive destination competence, support during the tour and at the destination, high language competence, target group-oriented approach, individual education and training, Quality Management & Audits


Certified tour guides

A good tour guide can carry everyone away. Our tour guides are not only competent in the destination area, they can cast a spell on guests, make them curious and spread the right mood. To inspire the guests with creativity, charm and of course knowledge is our mission. Therefore we regularly train our tour guides according to DIN standards and organize modern seminars for personal development.


Round trips & combined tours

We provide comprehensive information and assistance in all areas of travel planning. The portfolio includes excursions, day tours, transfers, as well as round trips and combined tours in the individual destinations.

Not every guide suits every group.

 And not every group fits every guide.

Thanks to our large network of tour guides 

we always find the right match.

A good, memorable travel experience for the guest is our goal.  In times of high price sensitivity, we always find the right price for the client and a fair fee for the tour guide. 

Our guides and their destinations

IKTS Guides

IKTS Guides
Jonny C. 🇬🇧
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Jonny C. 🇬🇧

Sylva S. 🇩🇪
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Sylva S. 🇩🇪

Douglas & Jutta N. 🇩🇪
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Douglas & Jutta N. 🇩🇪

Christina I. 🇩🇪
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Christina I. 🇩🇪


To make cities like London, Paris or Vienna understandable for guests in the shortest possible time is the high art of tour guiding. We rely primarily on local tour guides who,

with their proximity to the respective city, their personal stories and experiences,

offer exactly what your guests want.

Christina Ingwersen

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The great thing about the job as a tour guide is that it is so varied. You are responsible for the organisation and moderation of the tours and of course the first contact person for the guests. One travels to wonderful destinations and always learns something new. I have learned an incredible amount through the job over the last few years, about places I didn't know before, about history, culture, but also about challenges and how to be more confident in myself.

Christina Ingwersen 

Tour guide since: 2017

Christina Ingwersen

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The decision to work as a tour guide at IKTS was the best idea of my life! You get to wonderful places and meet nice people.

Alexandra Schoettke-Nagel

Tour guide since: 2015 

Christina Ingwersen

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For me every day as a tour guide is a wonderful challenge. It is a great pleasure for me to work with people and to give them new experiences. At the same time I enjoy bringing history to life for my guests with stories. Every trip is always a wonderful experience, after which we all return home with new impressions and more knowledge.

Shamal Galetti 

Tour guide since: 1995

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Why us?

About us

What we offer

IKTS was established in Cornwall in 2011.

With more than +500 active guides we have completed over 4.500 service in 2019. A dedicated team

from tourism and 

travel experts is 24/7 

available for you.

We offer round trips, excursions and day tours by our experienced guides in various destinations in Europe. One focus of our tours is Great Britain & Ireland, but also Scandinavia. Other destinations such as Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain & Italy can also be booked with our tour guides.  

We are experts

Our tour guides are qualified according to EU EN 15565. We cover the languages English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and many others.


We are a tour guide agency that works with a variety of market-leading clients. We use the resulting experience to always find the right guide for your group.

Meet The Team


Ben Lehmann

Chief Executive Officer

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Katharina Veit

Marketing Executive

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Maik Ollmann

Chief Operations Officer

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Vivien Uhlig

Senior Tour Manager

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